Aerospace Bearings

Carter Aerospace specializes in manufacturing high-performance bearings for the aerospace industry. Our team’s dedication to maintaining a strict quality system and making safety a priority is of utmost importance. We do this by responding to the various demands of the industry through research, development and updated quality standards for the aircraft bearing industry.

Experience You can Trust

Carter Aerospace has the expertise to provide the specific requirements within the aerospace industry, ensuring quality, safety, reliability, and customer support.

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Our engineering staff will provide you with standard and custom bearings that can meet your design and scheduling requirements.

Aerospace Industry Bearings

Carter Aerospace Bearings

Quick Turnaround

Our sales, engineering, and production teams provide the unique ability to sustain some of the fastest lead times in the aerospace industry.

Made in the USA

Carter Aerospace has over 65 years of background in the bearing industry. “Made in the USA” is more than just a slogan to us, it’s a commitment to process control which yields a quality product with an exceptional turnaround.

  • Lightweight for Fuel Savings

  • Strength and Safety

  • Increased Temperature Tolerance

  • Less Maintenance

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